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Gas Measurement

Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) is a newer upgraded technology that is quickly taking the place of the chart measurement in many fields around the world. EFM measurement is a superior way to track gas flow measurement at the wellhead or pipeline. Differential pressure, static pressure and temperature are all collected and recorded and then used to perform gas calculations. These devices are used to capture the pressures and temperatures as accurate as within fractions of one percent. Automated Flow Control stocks many gas measurement components to assist our customers with many aspects of their gas measurement and with a partnership developed with Scott Measurement Service, we have the capabilities to offer a turnkey service in your monthly well maintenance and gas analytical services, makes this a complete package for all of our customers.

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Gas Measurement Products

  • • Peteltor Tubes and Pumps
  • • Sampling Systems and Probes
  • • Thermometers and Thermowells
  • • Calibrators
  • • Moisture and Oxygen Analysis
  • • Pressure and Vacuum Gauges
  • • Manifolds SS/CS
  • • Stabilizers With Integrated Ball Valve SS/CS
  • • Stabilizers Tap SS/CS
Chart Recorders And ERM
  • • New Or Reconditioned Chart Recorders
  • • Electronic Flow Measurement (Customer Specific)
  • • Chart And Pens
  • • Chart Drives
  • • Enclosures Built To Spec
Testing Accessories
  • • Quick Test Fittings SS/Brass
  • • Hoses
Misc Supplies
  • • Orifice Plates
  • • Seal Rings
  • • Pipe And Tube Fittings
  • • Hammer Unions
  • • Flex Gaskets
  • • Cam Locks
  • • Tubing
  • • Manifold Accessory Kit
  • • Check Vales
  • • Gauges

The devices used capture the pressures and temperatures as accurate as within fractions of one percent

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